History of our company
The Transport-Electric Drive Group of Companies was formed in 2012 and includes two enterprises:

  • Transport-Electric Drive LLC
  • Scientific Production Enterprise Transport-Electric Drive LLC
Today Transport-Electric Drive is a team of like-minded professionals who are able to adequately meet the challenges posed by the development of the modern mining industry. TEP specialists have implemented almost all the most significant projects in the underground conveyor transport of Kuzbass and the Russian Federation over the past 10 years. Our existing practical experience, understanding of the trends and requirements of modern mechanical engineering, and knowledge of the world's leading developments allow us to offer optimal and effective solutions to technical problems today. In the design and layout solutions of our equipment, we lay down our understanding of the development directions of conveyor transport, setting ourselves the goal of being not on a par with the best, but to go ahead.

My long-held belief is that the true value of any business is the people who make it. And today I can say with great pride that we have managed to create a real professional team that can do big things. We've been sharing our ups and downs, bumps and good luck with these people for 15 years now.

We especially value the good name and business reputation of the company, which is why when carrying out our activities, we put the quality of our products, strict compliance with the requirements and wishes of the customer and strict compliance with the terms of contracts at the forefront.

The instability of the current GCO market and global economic factors pose new challenges. For stable growth of the company, we expand the range of activities of the engineering department, develop a range of services and services accompanying the supply of equipment, develop new types of products, and offer the customer flexible financial conditions.

The line of activity for equipment repair and maintenance is always up to date. For this segment, we have organized a production facility for repairs of mining and mine electrical equipment, with its output to the planned capacity in the first quarter of 2017. We also pay special attention to repairs and modernization of conveyor transport of processing and mining enterprises.

Knowledge, practical experience, modern production and design base, professionalism and responsibility are the factors that are driving the development and growth of Transport-Electric Drive.

We live and develop in Kuzbass-the coal heartland of Russia. Most of the best part of my life, knowledge, experience and energy is devoted to the coal industry. We want the miners ' work to be safe, production to grow, and the roof to be strong.

I wish you success and prosperity!

Shaido Sergey Petrovich

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