We are manufacturers and have our own machine park of modern technological equipment, which we constantly update to make the quality of our products even higher and the production speed faster!

Machine park
Multi-pass wire-cut electric erosion machine
Kingred Electrical DK7780
designed for the manufacture of tools, machine parts, jewelry, stamps, etc. For parts made of hardened steel, high-strength composite alloys, titanium, graphite. Machining accuracy +-0.007 mm
Hydraulic Sheet Bending Press
SMD PBH 250/3100-4C
  • Fast and precise movements
  • high-quality surface finish
  • Desktop deflection compensation system
  • Allows you to use the quick tool change system
  • Provides automatic sheet bending cycles

Two-column semi-automatic rotary band saw machine
  • Power 4KW
  • Cutting speed 20-100 m / min
  • Working surface height 725 mm
  • Dimensions of the ribbon web 8200x41x1, 3 m
Screw-cutting lathe
  • The largest processing diameter above the bed is 2000 mm
  • Processing diameter above the caliper-1600 mm
  • Distance between centers - 10 000 - 24 000 mm
  • The maximum weight of the processed part is 63 tons
  • Accuracy class-N
Universal milling machine
  • Desktop dimensions, mm 400 x 1600
  • Number of rotary head spindle speeds 11
  • Number of horizontal spindle speeds 18
  • Maximum vertical movement of the table, mm 420
  • Width of T-slots, mm 18
  • Distance between T-slots, mm 63-100
  • Number of table serves 22
  • End of horizontal spindle GOST 24644-81. 50 Row 4, isp. 6
  • Maximum movement of the table lengthwise, mm 1010
  • End of the rotary spindle head GOST 24644-81. 40 Row 3, isp. 5
  • Number of T-slots 3
  • Maximum table movement, transverse, mm 400
Davi 3045
The only roll bending machine with variable axes, which has three independent motors connected directly to each roll in the standard configuration. Thanks to this, the DAVI 3-roll press rollers of the MAV series have the most powerful torque among similar machines on the market.
Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Table size, mm 1600x1800
  • Maximum X-axis travel, mm 1600
  • Maximum Y-axis travel, mm 1600
  • Maximum Z-axis travel, mm 2000
  • Spindle diameter, mm 160
  • ISO 50 spindle taper
  • Spindle speed, rpm 5-1000
  • Maximum table load, kg 12000
  • Drive power, kW 36
  • Dimensions, mm 8700x5600x5100
  • Weight, kg 36350
Установка плазменной резки
SAEM Plasma SP27
  • The SAEM PLASMA SP153 plasma cutting unit is designed for automated high-quality shaped cutting of stainless steels, ferrous and non-ferrous metals by plasma or gas-oxygen cutting.
  • The gantry installation and the cutting table are separate independent structures, which is much safer, more reliable and more convenient during operation.
  • Exhaust sectional tableSAEM SPR-153includes 5 automatic sections controlled by a pneumatic system to effectively remove smoke directly from the cutting area.
  • Two beams with the same function are supported by Hiwin high-precision longitudinal guides and Apex longitudinal rails.
  • Two reinforced mechanized supports for longitudinal movement carry a cross beam. It is equipped with Hiwin guides and an Apex cross movement rail.
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