Otvaloobrazovatel OP 1600 (TEP)-2.01.000 sh. Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya 1 SUEK Kuzbass
Otvaloobrazovatel rotary OP 1600 (TEP)-2.02.000 is designed for transporting rock mass, rock and other bulk materials from a conveyor with a grain size of up to 300 mm of coal for the subsequent formation of a coal warehouse.
Name of the main parameters and dimensions:
Capacity, t / h-4000
Conveyor length, m-32
Unloading height, m-23
Maximum lifting angle, m +17gr
Maximum working angle of lifting +15gr
Minimum lowering angle-15gr
Minimum working angle of lowering
Belt width, mm 1600
Belt speed, m / sec 4.0
Angle of rotation of the carrier boom 190gr
Pylon rotation speed, m/s 0,43

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